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Premarital Counselling in Kollam

Avoid marital issues..

Pre-marital counseling, just like marital counseling, is gaining popularity due to the increasingly complex nature of marital relationships. A tendency to seek pre-marital counseling is a pointer to the rising awareness among today's youth about better preparedness for a marital relationship. The concept may seem outlandish to many, but as a matter of fact, relationship counselling & pre-marital counseling actually reduces the need for marital counseling for obvious reasons. It is quite akin to vaccination in that you are aware of the likely issues and are ready to handle them effectively.

Once the initial honeymoon period is over, the ground realties of a marriage can be a rude reality check. In most cases, the spouses just do not know how to cope with the unexpected situation. In most cases, minor quarrels over trivial things can create differences, which may escalate into major issues. Relationship counseling & Pre-marital counseling, which involves detailed interviews with prospective partners individually and jointly, can reveal a wealth of information about their personality traits, likes, dislikes, inner complexes, role expectations and insecurities. This treasure-trove, if utilized properly, can yield significant pointers to the to-be-married couple regarding each other’s strengths, weaknesses, expectations and personality traits. 

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Some psychological disorders like Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)...

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Remediation is the process of addressing an impairment so that it is no longer an obstacle.

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