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Occupational Therapy for Kids- Importance and Benefits


The early years of a child’s life are very crucial as in those years the cognitive, social, and physical development of the child takes place. The first 3 years are especially very critical because the brain evolves during this duration. But, not every kid successfully passes through these developmental milestones. There are some of them who do not mature as they should, and have restricted or delayed progression or advancement. If a child faces these problems and needs support to develop optimally, then occupational therapy may be of immense help.

Not many know the fact that the therapy is not just for adults, but kids too. With the help of Occupational therapy, kids can have enhanced development, improved cognitive and communication skills, and minimized developmental delay. The therapy is carried out according to the child’s disability or condition. The practitioners evaluate the kid and then set out a therapy procedure to improve the processing and enable new learning.

There are several procedures that are used, and a lot of importance is associated with the therapy. Let’s discuss in details when does a child need occupational therapy, the benefits of the therapy, and some activities that can help the child lead a normal life.

Benefits Of Occupational Therapy For Children

Kids occupational therapy has numerous benefits. The therapy is used for a wide range of diseases and disorders and prepares the kids to lead healthy and normal life. Some of the benefits are as follows.

  • General Activities of Daily Life:

The list starts with providing aid to the young ones facing difficulties in daily activities like brushing, dressing, toileting, writing, drawing, etc. The therapy helps develop these self-help skills in the children.

  • Sensory Processing Issues:

It is generally observed that children with sensory processing issues are unable to synthesize information in the basic five senses i.e. sight, smell, touch, hear, and taste. These children may experience over-sensitivity, under-sensitivity, or both at different places like school, home, or anywhere. These kids often feel difficulty in paying attention and get distracted by a loud fire alarm and other such things. They also try to avoid recess and activities going on around them. Occupational therapy can help those young ones regain the skills and addresses the issue in a proper manner.

  • Kids with Cerebral Palsy:

The occupational therapy is also beneficial for the ones suffering from cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, and other disorders in which the kid needs a wheelchair. The OT practitioner teaches the kid to use the wheelchair in a proper manner and come for the lunch, make for the class on time, get things out from their locker, and more.

  • Kids with Autistic Spectrum Disorder:

The disease autism and SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder) are somewhat related but are not same. Kids with SPD may not suffer from autism, but the reverse may be true. The kid suffering from SPD has trouble communicating other people, limited play skills, less interest in activities, etc. The occupational therapy practitioner can help gain these skills by observing the child’s behavior and developing a plan for them. The OT uses different sets of methods and plans, and there is no such single ideal program. These may include activities to help with interaction, puzzles to develop coordination and awareness and more.

  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Gross motor skill involves the movement of muscles in arms, legs, etc. whereas fine muscle skills involve the use of small muscles in forearm and fingers. Kids having trouble with these skills may experience difficulty in walking, bicycling, and other. Occupational therapy can be used to deal with the condition and eventually eradicate it.


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