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     Best Online Counselling and Therapy Services      

The most trusted Psychological COUNSELLING

Online Malayalam Counselling, via Online Chat, Video or Phone Anytime, Anywhere.

Pranaah  Malayalam Online Counselling .j

Pranaah Holistic Counselling Center, Connects you with the Best Psychologists and Counselors Online for your Mental and Emotional Health Issues. 

We have our online therapists who can talk and write fluent English, Hindi, Malayalam, and  Tamil.  


We provide safe and secure online counselling services to you - from the comforts of your home. Our mental health experts talk to you via e-mail, phone or chat, and talk about matters. We help you cope with them in the most effective manner. Our therapists will guide you through depression, stress, anxiety, pre-marital & post marriage counsellingbreak-ups, divorce, failures, relationship problems, stress at work, parenting challenges, and career counseling. Feel free because your information is 100% safe with us. 

Benefits of Online Counselling 

  • You can opt the service of a male or female psychologist, as per your convenience.

  • 24X7 service

  • Your details will be highly confidential

  • Well experienced Psychologists.

  • Friendly and empathetic approach

  • Affordable

  • Assured solutions to your problems

Schedule online. It's easy, fast and secure.

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Best Online Counselling in Kerala, INDIA

   Please note that we are not a crisis intervention center and will not be able to provide immediate assistance during an emergency.   

   Please contact your local emergency services when you feel like yours or somebody elses' life is in danger.   

            Our Malayalam online team for counselling service       

Sayana Clinical Psychologist_Pranaah Hol
Psy Sayana Suzkin

Dept. Clinical Psychology 

Riya Pranaah Counselling Center Kollam.j
Psy Riya Wilfred

Dept. Counselling Psychology 

uma 1.jpg
Mrs Uma Devi

Dept. Counselling  

       Our multi language online team for counselling service    

Adithi Ghosh Psychologist Kolkota_Online
Psy Aditi Ghosh

Dept. Online Counselling | Psychologist

Bidisha Haque Psychologist Kolkota_Onlin
Psy Bidisha Haque

Dept. Online Counselling | Psychologist

Geetha Chopra Psychologist Delhi_Online
Psy Geeta Chopra

Dept. Online Counselling | Psychologist

Nidhi Shah Psychologist Mumbai_Online Co
Psy Nidhi Shah

Dept. Online Counselling | Psychologist

Aayushi Shah_ Psychologist Mumbai_Online
Psy Aayushi Sha

Dept. Online Counselling | Psychologist

Catherine Samuel Psychologist Kerala_Onl
Psy Catherine Samuel

Dept. Online Counselling | Psychologist

Ghata Kothari Psychologist Surat_Online
Psy Ghata Kothari

Dept. Online Counselling | Psychologist

Shambhavi Psychologist Mysorei_Online Co
Psy Shambhavi M R

Dept. Online Counselling | Psychologist

Anamika Jain Psychologist Delhi_Online C
Psy Anamika Jain

Dept. Online Counselling | Psychologist

Devanshi Vikramsay Psychologist Mumbai_O
Psy Devanshi Vikamsey

Dept. Online Counselling | Psychologist

Harshita Sarda Psychologist Mumbai_Onlin
Psy Harshita Sarda

Dept. Online Counselling | Psychologist

Smriti Bhardwaj Psychologist Delhi_Onlin
Psy Smriti Bhardwaj

Dept. Online Counselling | Psychologist

Vaishali Goel Psychologist Meerut UP_Onl
Psy Vaishali Goel

Dept. Online Counselling | Psychologist

Call Now +918078971738

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