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Pranaah Autism & Child Development Center

Autism Care Center in Kollam Child Devel

Our services include:

  • Developmental Paediatric

  • Assessments for High Risk Newborn

  • Follow up Neuron Development Therapy (PT)

  • Early Intervention Centre IQ Tests and Assessments

  • Autism Intervention Services

  • Remedial Education in Adolescence

  • Guidance and Counselling

                                         At Pranaah Autism & Child Development Center, Kollam- we, with our team of dedicated and trained professionals, assess and provide all the essential therapy for children with developmental delays. Our main goal for establishing Child Development Centre at Kollam, Kerala  is to provide subsidized medical assessment and therapy to children.

                   We give every child the utmost care and attention, monitoring their progress every  month with thorough check-ups. We take patient confidentiality very seriously; making sure the child’s environment is always safe, secure and comfortable.

Our team consist of

  • Neuro-developmental Therapists

  • Occupational Therapists

  • Speech Therapists

  • Counselling Psychologists

  • Clinical Psychologists

  • Remedial Educators

  • Social workers

Autism Care Center in Kollam Child Devel

  Our Child Development Team provide you the best service  

For Assessments and Appointments call: +919037347726

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