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Focusing on a specialization in training can be diverse and interesting for trainers. This area basically entails establishing training needs and implementing various programs to help advance the skills, expertise, and education of employees. As with coaching, many positions and opportunities exist for freelance consulting. Alternatively, positions may be had with one company, usually in Human Resources.

Training specialists use many techniques to establish training needs; some of which include surveys, personal interviews, job analysis, and observation. This is usually an on-going procedure as training needs will change from year to year. Training specialists are also charged with creating various programs that are suitable and advantageous to employees. Some programs and training offerings may include e-learning, in-house classes, off-site classroom training, CBT (computer based training), and traditional college classes.

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Attention and Concentration

The workshop is geared at providing students with psychologically relevant tips and tricks to improve their concentration and to get them to attend to anything from studies to hobbies, better. This is aimed at new age kids who are addicted to gadgets and unable to focus on anything for more than very brief periods


Good Touch & Bad Touch

It is best to prepare our children for the thorns in the path of life. In a very pro-active and comprehensive fashion our facilitators take the children participants through what is ‘bad touch’ and how to distinguish it from ‘good touch’. The workshop also drills into them what they are to do if they ever experience this sort of bad touch. This workshop delivery is modified slightly depending on the age of the children participating.

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Exam Phobia

Competitiveness and the quest for excellence creates a lot of stress in the minds of students. Board examinations are given a lot of importance. Parents and teachers are also somewhat responsible for this. This workshop is aimed at teaching students how to understand their own examination stress and giving them coping strategies.

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Effective Communication

Nowadays it is really important to come across as a confident communicator. Not everyone has the same level of expressiveness but they can all be trained to communicate in an effective manner. This workshop is particularly helpful for college students and working professionals.

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Dealing with emotion

A heart-to-heart chat with students on their methods of dealing with the many numerous distractions that plague the youth and discussing the feasibility of their methods. Also, the workshop outlines the possible causes of distractions and psychologically sound ways to deal with them.

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Public Speaking Skills

Designed for those students who want to engage in a people-facing role and lack the confidence to face a crowd, this workshop is a crash course in public speaking. From tips and tricks to gain crowd attention to hand-holding techniques for those who have some degree of stage fright, this new age workshop covers it all.

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Employee Motivation

People are not machines, they do not continue to work at the same level of efficiency every day of every year. Motivation has a huge role to play in employee performance. The theories of motivation are discussed and how intrinsic and extrinsic motivators work. Employee empowerment concepts are explained through interactions and role plays.

anger management  pranaah counselling ce

Anger & Trauma Management

This workshop is designed specially to arm you with the skills you need to maintain emotional control in your Professional and Personal Life. The focus is mainly on managing the negative emotional reactions of others without getting worked up yourself. Reactions such as anger, anxiety, guilt and shame tend to damage your personal and professional life. This workshop will help teach you how to avoid conflicts, reduce trauma and maintain harmonious relationships.

careerplanningtips_ pranaah counselling

Career Planning & Goal Setting

College is the crucial time where setting goals and getting ready to embark upon a career is primary on the students’ mind. This workshop aims at discussing the factors to be taken into account when making a career choice and eliminating confusions if necessary. The participants of this workshop may also opt for the career counselling assessment.

peer pressure pranaah counselling center

Peer Pressure & Emotional Wellbeing

In certain situations, saying no to a peer might indicate a loss of face or loss of esteem. Peer pressure has been known to have both positive and negative connotations. In this workshop both these sides are examined and a healthy discussion along with role plays are used to demonstrate the negative impact of peer pressure and how to break this cycle to restore emotional well-being.

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Stess Management & Remedies

Stress is perceived by each one of us. The workshop focuses on not just defining stress and identifying the stressors of the participants, but also introducing them to the concept of coping and sharing some strategies with them. The workshop allows participants to engage in group activities and self-reflection tasks to find the strategies best suited for them.

assertiveness training  pranaah counsell

Assertiveness Training

Assertiveness is the ability to put forth one’s point of view convincingly, with a positive attitude and confidence. Assertiveness helps a person to express his feelings openly, stand up for himself, his values and beliefs. Assertiveness is a crucial Art of Convincing and involves a considerable amount of effort & practice to develop the skill. Our workshop on Assertiveness training is designed for managers as well as employees at all levels of the organization who face difficulty in saying ‘No’; have communication problems and difficulty in delegating duties due to a lack of assertiveness.


Positive Parenting 

This workshop is designed specially focused on developing a strong, deeply committed relationship between parent and child based on communication and mutual respect. Positive Parenting focuses on teaching children not just what but also why. Positive parenting means training children toward self-control.

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