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Individual counselling at pranaah counse
Individual counselling at pranaah counse
pranaah counselling center kollam depres
Dr Devi Raj, Pranaah Counselling Center Kollam Dr Dev

One to One counselling is available for child to adults from all backgrounds and culture.

Child Development

The first specialized child development center in Kollam, which offering all services from OT, Speech Therapy & Special Education


Providing Professional, Group Counselling to Children, Adolescents, Adults, Couples and Parents...

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We care your Mental Health...

Online Counselling

If you live and work any part of the globe, you will get accurate solutions for your problems like stress...

Top Psychological Clinic in Kollam

Pranaah Holistic Health Care is a leading multi disciplinary holistic and well being focused mental health organization...


We offer Psychological counselling, Psychotherapy, Psychological assessments, Ayurveda and ..

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